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Day 2, Stop 4

Navajo Sandstone Soft Sediment Deformation

GPS Location:

38o 17.059' N

111o 09.854' W



Early Jurassic


Rock Units:

Navajo Sandstone


Features Present:

This is another example of soft sediment deformation in the Navajo sandstone called a pop up/flower structure (Morris et al. 2003).  This structure may have been caused by overpressurized pore pressures and strong ground motion (e.g., possible Jurassic seismic activity).


Depositional Environment:



2-4 map

Road Cut

Figure 1: Large Navajo Sandstone soft sediment deformation feature (“pop up/flower structure”).


Figure 2:A closer view of the “pop-up/flower structure “ shows the deformation of the cross stratification this is continuous across the top of the fold.

Last Updated: 1/13/23