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Stops to visit at in Capitol Reef National Park


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Stop 1-1

Inverted Channels


Stop 1-2

Goblin Valley State Park


Stop 1-3

Summerville Formation Stop

Stop 2-1

San Rafael Group Overlook


Stop 2-2

Carmel Formation


Stop 2-3

Navajo Waterfall


Stop 2-4

Navajo Sandstone Soft Sediment Deformation


Stop 2-5

Hickman Bridge Hike


Stop 2-6



Stop 2-7

The Castle


Stop 2-8

Panorama Point


Stop 2-9

Chimney Rock and Fault


Stop 2-10

Twin Rocks


Stop 2-11

Iron Mineralization along Fault

Stop 3-1

Wingate Sandstone


Stop 3-2

Oyler Mine


Stop 3-3

Grand Wash Trail


Stop 3-4

Moenkopi Formation


Stop 3-5

Slickrock Divide


Stop 4-1

Curtis Formation



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